Oisín has worked for over ten years in the area of commerce as a technologist. He holds a BSc in Information Systems Development from DIT and an MSc in Digital Innovation from the Smurfit Business School, UCD. He has volunteered with numerous organizations over the years such as Barretstown Children’s Camp, St. Vincent De Paul soup kitchen, and CoderDojo.

He is passionate about societal improvement & in particular advocates for improving services that support vulnerable parents. He understands the benefit of this, in increasing the future opportunities of children & society as a whole. He is a firm believer in evidence-based practices & it’s application. Current evidence identifies that the role of parents should be at the centre of all strategies targeting the sustainable development of their children. Talk2MeMore uses this evidence to empower parents to provide a more nutritious language environment thus ensure their child reaches their full potential.

Suzanne is our Speech and Language Therapist. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Suzanne has worked in a range of different clinical and educational settings with children from birth to eighteen years of age. Suzanne continues to engage in research within her clinical practice. Her current clinical areas of interest include parent-child interaction, interdisciplinary working and strengths-based report writing

Suzanne was keen to develop this app as she feels that Speech and Language Therapists have been slow to make use of technology in their work. She felt frustrated that the apps commercially available in this area were limited in their use and that skills taught through an app were difficult to generalise to everyday life. She sees Talk2MeMore as a way of empowering parents to develop their children’s speech and language skills in natural environments.

Patrick is our Android app developer with 7 years’ experience working in the technology industry across a variety of roles and a recent graduate from NCI for the BSc in Computing. He is meticulous when it comes to UI/UX that is unique selling point to the products Talk2MeMore delivers to its customers. He believes in keeping it simple and always has one eye on what’s coming down the track in the mobile space through his research and passion for technology.