Is anyone listening to the voice recordings from the app?
Absolutely not. Nobody will be listening to the recordings as stated in our T&C’s .  The recordings are sent to the highly-secure Talk2MeMore machine-learning server for transcription with no human intervention involved. Once the recordings are transcribed they are deleted permanently.
Does the app record all voices heard when turned on?
Yes. The app transcribes the language picked up from the recordings. Once the recordings are transcribed they are deleted permanently.
Will the recordings be shared with anybody outside of the Talk2MeMore team?
Absolutely not. All recordings are deleted permanently once transcribed by the Talk2MeMore application as stated in our T&C’s.
What if someone hacks your servers? Will they be able to access my language analysis results?
Talk2MeMore employs industry standard protocols (data encryption at REST, HTTPS SSL certification) to ensure that if there is breach to the Talk2MeMore infrastructure the perpetrator will not be able to associate your profile to the language analysis results.
When should you contact your local speech and language therapist?
You can find a great source here to help:
Halen Helpful Information. To contact your local HSE Speech and Language Therapy department, go to HSE Website
To find your local Health Centre and then click on Therapy services