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We had great fun with the app. It has completely tranformed how we think about Lily’s development and how simple changes we have made around her have a huge impact in such a short space of time. We only wish we found out about this sooner!

Jill and John

Baby Lily, 13 months

From using the Talk2MeMore app we have learnt to better direct our communication towards Emily in ways to benefit her most.

The app has encouraged us to sit and chat with her more each day and given us so many moments of joy as we see her react and interact with us.
It has definitely improved our bond.

Ian and Michelle

Baby Emily, 6 months

I have been using Talk2MeMore for the last few weeks. I really found it focuses you on trying to develop your own communication skills and therefore Caoimhe’s potential.

Linda and Keith

Baby Caoimhe, 2 years